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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use a string quartet?
People looking for that last touch of elegance often have a string quartet perform at their weddings or special events.  It provides a sophistication that compliments any theme without being so loud that it distracts from conversation.  The Valley String Ensemble can play indoors or outside, when there isn't a piano or pipe organ available. 
How can I incorporate a string quartet into my wedding ceremony?
There are several traditional moments in wedding which can include music:  1) Prelude - 20 minutes or so as people enter, 2) Seating of the mothers, 3) Bridesmaids Procession, 4) Bridal Procession, 5) Unity Candle Lighting, 6) Communion, 7) Special Music or Prayer, 8) Recession of Bridal Party, and 9) Postlude - as people leave.  You may also have your own unique moments in the wedding for which you would like the quartet to play.  You may have music during all or just some of these different parts of the ceremony.  You can either allow the quartet to choose the music, or make the musical selections yourself from our extensive song list.
I have a favorite piece.  Can the quartet play this for my event?
We certainly will make every attempt to honor our clients' special requests.  If the piece is not in our library, we can try to track down a string quartet arrangement.  It may be necessary for us to arrange your favorite tune for the string quartet - for a nominal fee - if a quartet arrangement does not already exist.  We will let you know if your request won't work.
I have a friend who would like to sing at my wedding.  Can the quartet accompany her?
We often collaborate with vocalists or other musicians on commonly performed wedding music, and we enjoy doing so.  However, much depends on the music selected.  The piece must be something that has been arranged for quartet, or can easily be arranged for four instruments (for a nominal fee).  Even if the piece is already in our library, it may be necessary for us to make a new arrangement if the singer's voice requires us to play the piece in a different 'key'.  If you are choosing multiple pieces for us to perform together, if the pieces are very difficult or are unfamiliar to us, or if we will be performing with an amateur who needs more practice time with us, we may require an extra rehearsal for which there will be a fee.  We would also be glad to recommend vocalists whom we have worked with.
Why should we choose your group over another?
If you're planning a wedding, the most difficult aspect for musicians is in making a smooth, seamless performance despite the quiet and quick sequence of events during the ceremony.  Only through playing numerous ceremonies can a reliable and worry-free performance be achieved.  The Valley String Ensemble has played together for years and can provide the experience you will want on that very important day.  In the event of an illness or emergency, we have alternate players on call who have performed with us in the past.  We can also combine our talents for your needs:  trio, duet or solo instrument.
What do you wear, and what equipment do you need?
Our standard attire is black tux for the men and either all-black or black-and-white for the ladies, although we are open to any suggestions such Hawaiian attire for a luau, or denims for a country wedding.  The Valley String Ensemble provides music, music stands, and stand lights, if necessary.  The only equipment we do not provide are four armless chairs.  Also, if we are performing outdoors, please make sure that there is ample room in the shade or cover in case of rain as direct sunlight and water can damage the sensitive instruments.
Can you play for my wedding and the reception if they are at two different places?
Of course!   The Valley String Ensemble will provide up to 3 hours of music for our contract price and can be flexible about where you want us to play.  However, if the 2nd place is more than a half hour travel from the first, or more than 2 hours elapse between the two parts of the event, we reserve the right to add travel or waiting time to the contract. 
Any other questions? 
Please feel free to click our email button and we will answer any other questions you may have.
Please feel free to click our email button and we will answer any other questions you may have.